When to Replace and When to Repair HGV Windscreens

With constant exposure and impact to debris on the road, scratches and marks will eventually show on HGV windscreens. So for anyone who owns a lorry, the problem with chipping and cracking is almost commonplace.

Chips and cracks are two of the major forms of minor damage on your windscreen.

Knowing the extent of the damage is important. This can help you decide whether to have the windscreen replaced or simply repaired. So how can you tell? Here are some factors that you should take note of to ensure that you are making the right decision. Find out more


HGV Windscreen repairs are possible for chips the size of a coin and cracks that are three inches long. However, this requirement might vary on other repair companies. There are some that consider three inches as the upper limit for chips, and 14 inches for cracks. Furthermore, the location of the damage should be taken into consideration as well. Regardless, you can look for recommendations. Check out for quotes and recommendations on technical specifications.


Identifying how deep the pits and cracks are can aid you with gauging whether you will need HGV replacement windscreens or not.

A typical windscreen has an outer lining of glass, a plastic interlayer, and an internal lining of glass. If it goes through these layers, then it is beyond repair and should need replacement as soon as possible.

When in doubt, refer to experts of windscreen repairs and replacement for recommendation.


It is also important to note the site of the damage. The possibility of restoration depends on the location and the extent. If this extends towards the outermost layer of the glass, then the structural integrity of the windscreen is compromised. Since the HGV Windscreens are responsible for 60 percent of the vehicle’s structural strength, especially during a rollover, they must be kept in perfect condition.

When the damage also obstructs the driver’s line of sight, repairing is not a good solution. This will cause a certain amount of distortion which eventually will impair the view. In this case, replacement is recommended.


You might think that chips and cracks are just mundane things that you can simply ignore. However, it is risky when driving around without HGV cracked windscreen repairs.

The windscreen is not just a mere design for your lorry. In fact, in the event of a front-end collision, it provides 45 percent of the overall structural integrity. This makes a huge difference, and can surely lessen the extent of the damage when the unexpected occurs.

It is important to check on your HGV Windscreens and see the extent of the damage, the depth, the location, and the risks it poses to your safety. As a driver, you have to ensure that every component of your vehicle is in good condition.

Thus, if you want to fix any chips or cracks, or maybe you want to completely replace the entire windscreen, then choose skilled technicians that will help you with the installation and repairs. You can find them at Allscreens Nationwide Ltd.