Passenger Etiquette 101: Using Airport Transportation Services

Smart travelers know how important it is to have reliable transportation from the airport to their next destination. You understand how convenient it is to hire a shuttle service or chauffeured private car if you want to get from Fort Pierce to Fort Lauderdale or any other place quickly and comfortably.

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A Good Airport Transportation Experience Depends on You Too

Undoubtedly, you have to choose the best airport transportation Fort Pierce offers so you are assured of receiving high-quality service. But remember that you also have to be a responsible customer to fully enjoy the ride. How you ask?

For starters, you can learn how to behave like a good passenger. Check out these basic rules on how to be the perfect lady or gentleman while riding your hired car or shuttle.

Passenger Etiquette 101

1. Be prompt.

Especially if you are traveling with a group. Remember that you have booked the service ahead of your trip and know how important it is to get from Fort Pierce to Fort Lauderdale on schedule. You wouldn’t want to be the reason why all of you miss your next flight. Even when you are the only passenger, it is not polite to keep the chauffeur waiting.

2. Respect privacy/space.

Even if you did hire a private airport transfer vehicle as a group, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give each person some space or privacy as you travel. Some might like to use the time on your hired airport shuttle Jensen Beach ride as a moment to rest before you go sightseeing or take another long flight. You can try to make conversation, but if they are showing little interest, don’t force it.

3. Avoid being too loud.

Can you imagine having to listen to a fellow passenger talking loudly on the phone about personal or work matters for hours? Unless you are particularly interested in picking up the latest gossip about that person, it would be pretty annoying, wouldn’t it? If you have to take a call, make it short and try not to be too loud. Use headphones or earphones when listening to music.

4. Do not litter or damage the vehicle.

Just like how you would want other people to respect your property, respect the shuttle or private car of your hired airport transportation Ft Pierce provides. Throw your trash in the designated bins. Ask for assistance from the chauffeur if you do not know how to adjust the seat or operate other devices in the vehicle.

5. Thank your drivers.

They work hard to ensure you have an enjoyable and safe trip to and from your destinations. If it is acceptable in the local culture, give a tip to show your appreciation. But if tipping isn’t allowed, a sincere “thank you” with a smile can make their day. And they will definitely love it if their customers use passenger etiquette always.

If you have some special needs, like you are traveling with pets from Fort Pierce to Fort Lauderdale, ask beforehand if the company allows animal companions on board their vehicles. Star Personal Transportation welcomes pets to travel with you so check them out. Also, inquire about their smoking and liquor rules as some do not allow these on board.