Brotherwood: Providing Solutions For Your WAV Needs

Standard vehicles, which have been modified to easily accommodate wheelchairs, are known as wheelchair-accessible vehicles (WAV) or wheelchair vehicles. This means that a wheelchair user can travel, while remaining seated in his/her wheelchair – either as a passenger or a driver.

Which WAV is right for you?

Because a WAV serves as a crucial piece with your mobility for several years to come, you must make an informed decision on which WAV you should purchase. You are most likely to consider a WAV if you are already struggling to transfer from your wheelchair to a standard car seat or if your assistant can hardly carry you.

As a result, it is safer to travel in a WAV than in an ordinary vehicle. As a piece of advice, carefully examine the advantages and the drawbacks when considering a specialist vehicle over a standard one to ascertain which option is the most suitable one for you.

Cost: A car itself is already an expensive item, so additional costs for conversions can make WAVs pretty hard on the pocket. More so, the more intricate the adaptations you need, the higher the expense. Should you decide that you need a WAV, but can hardly afford one, Brotherwood might offer some financial help.

Seating Capacity: The size of WAV you need depends on the number of passengers you frequently travel with. To accommodate wheelchair users, the WAV converter has to remove some of the original seats. Some cars’ rear seats are even created to fold out in a way that allows enough space for the wheelchair.

Parking: Because disability vehicles are normally bigger than standard ones, it is necessary to take into account the parking space and how it will affect your daily travel. Additionally, WAVs include a ramp or a lift that can either be accessed from the vehicle’s back or side – hence, the importance of adequate room for such equipment and for the wheelchair user to maneuver.

What type and size is best for you?

The size, shape, and design of wheelchair vehicles differ – depending on the original vehicle used for modification or conversion. Nevertheless, all wheelchair vehicles are specifically-designed for easy access and safe traveling.

A standard WAV’s features include:

  • a built-in ramp or vertical lifts
  •  access from a vehicle’s back or rear
  • either a lowered floor or a raised roof for enough headroom
  • electronic tie downs for the wheelchair

Small: This WAV typically uses a ramp that allows access to the vehicle, instead of a lift. It has at least one rear seat and can allow up to four passengers, including the wheelchair user.

Medium: If you have a bigger wheelchair and travel frequently with four or more passengers, a medium-sized WAV might be perfect for you. This is also a great size in case you need to bring an equipment with you.

Large: This size is highly-suitable if you travel more often with many passengers and need plenty of seats. A large-sized WAV is also the right choice if you need more room for larger and heavier wheelchairs, as well as for equipment that you need to keep with you.

If you are just beginning your search for disability cars or motability vehicles, Brotherwood is a great place to start. You can contact them at 0845-591-3850.

Buy Suzuki Bikes from Suzuki Dealers in UK

Suzuki is world renowned for their motorcycles plus the other automobiles they make, like cars and scooters. But their motorcycles are far more popular and enjoy a fan following in most countries. They sell their motorcycles through their dealer network, and if you live in the UK and intend to buy a bike, you could find a dealer selling Suzuki bikes in UK almost everywhere.

An Authorised Dealer is the Best Source

When you are out to buy an automobile, it is always advisable to buy from a dealer who is authorised by the parent company. A Suzuki approved or authorised dealer of motorcycles in the UK would be able to offer you a better deal in every sense of the term. First, the dealer would hold in stock the whole range of vehicles, including the latest models.

You will find the Cruisers range from 800CC to 1800CC. Then there would be the SuperSports range which will have a bike to everyone’s liking. The special anniversary editions and the Moto GP bikes will also be there for the bike enthusiasts to buy and enjoy riding. The high-end adventure and touring range bikes will attract another set of youth keen on racing on them. The females may choose the scooters. The dealer selling Suzuki bikes in UK will usually hold new bikes of each of these models. Even in the unlikely event of a particular model being not available, the dealer will call for it from the manufacturer and inform you once it arrives.

Look for Offers on Select Models

Most automobile companies keep making special offers to attract their customers to buy their products. These promotional offers can be in many forms, and you will also find that the dealer would also pitch in with some incentives of their own. For example, the dealer can offer an extended guarantee, even a lifetime guarantee. Other offers could be price discounts and also discounts on the insurance premium to be paid.

Financing is another area where the bike dealer will be of help. Depending on your requirement, they could lower the initial down payment, and the rest can be paid in monthly instalments. Instead of running around finance companies, the dealer for Suzuki bikes in UK would tie-up with a finance company, and you could get a faster approval of the loan.

Used Bikes and Service Infrastructure

Besides selling the new models of Suzuki bikes, the dealers would also offer used bikes if that is what you would want to go in for. While buying bikes from the dealer, the customers would also want to be sure that the dealer has the complete infrastructure for providing the best level of service as well. Here again, being an authorised Suzuki dealer gives them the edge since the company offers the technicians direct training in the use of the latest technology in attending to the motorcycles and scooters. Having technicians directly trained by Suzuki is definitely an edge, and you can simply ride your bike in the knowledge that it will offer you trouble free running until the next scheduled service becomes due.

Features of the best car service provider

The condition of the current Brisbane cars is excellent nowadays because of the widespread number of car service providers all around the Australian region. As the car service providers keep on increasing day by day, it is good to ensure that you get the licensed ones; the ones that are authorized by the dealers and the ones that have the experience to perform the required duties. The modern cars require that technicians should update their knowledge so that they are in a position to handle the car repair needs. Car services in Brisbane are done not only to rectify malfunctioning parts, but also to prevent any future problems from occurring.

Log book services offered during car services in Brisbane

Log book servicing is always mandatory for new car owners of any type. It is done to keep the warranty as well as maintain the re-sale value of the car. Servicing is done according to the manufacturer’s specifications by the technicians. They also ensure that it does not alter the functioning of the car. Every technician should ensure the use of quality oils and parts that meet manufacturer’s specification for your car. Car services in Brisbane should be done after proper analysis of every part of the car.

Other normal services that are offered

The braking system needs to be highly analyzed because cars make stops every time they reach a destination or when they meet an emergency. The brake fluid should be flushed and changed when its viscosity is reduced. Hydraulic system malfunctions when the brake fluid is insufficient or exhausted, and therefore, it needs to be changed at all times.

 Brakes work perfectly when the clutches work nicely, so the clutch parts should always be serviced. Brake pads, rims and the tyres all aid in the smooth movement of the car, so they should be checked to ensure that they are in the desired quality at all times.

The modern cars and servicing

Some cars have features like air conditioning, Bluetooth features and in built airbags and the tracking system among other modern features. Such features are complicated, and they happen to malfunction regularly. It needs a technician who has the knowledge to understand the system connectivity to service them perfectly so that they work as needed.

Everything needs to be sorted as needed to ensure that the car’s quality is brought to a normal condition. The engine of new cars needs to be opened and serviced with the appropriate tools because they contain the balance control system, the speed control system and the tracking system of the car.

Who should service your car

Experience, professionalism and excellent educational qualification are what make the technician reliable in car servicing. For the top notch cars like Benz, BMW or Ford, a special training is needed from the manufacturer before one is able to open and service the cars. These cars contain typical system that only the manufacturer is aware of. To ensure that you are always safe, look at the reviews of the technician before taking your car to that place.

What’s In Store for You from the New Kia Carnival?

Kia has undoubtedly gone a long way from an average name in the automobile industry into something that is at par with other car manufacturers. It’s hottest 2017 Kia Carnival Brisbane dealerships sell today is filled with first-rate technology, provides maximum passenger coziness and more trustworthy than before. It is a celebrity in the automobile industry.

As a matter of fact, the Australian Automobile Association and its member bodies awarded the 2017 Kia Carnival Brisbane has as Australia’s best family wagon. In spite of Kia’s past poor reputation, it has undeniably surpassed itself with the recent vehicle line up. Find out more Kia Carnival Brisbane

kia carnival brisbane

At first glance, you will really be intimidated (in a good way) with the 2017 Kia Carnival Brisbane dealers offer today. After all, its a very BIG vehicle. If you are searching for a vehicle that is big enough to haul your family and other personal belongings, this is the ideal vehicle of choice. It can carry as many as 8 people in pure comfort and style and allow stacks of baggage in its cargo compartment.

If you are thinking about buying a family car but couldn’t yet decide if you should choose a Brisbane new Kia Carnival or other make or models, you might like to know more of its perks:

1. Bigger Size. As mentioned above, the new Kia Carnival Australia dealers offer can carry as many as 8 people comfortably. If you have a family of 4or even 6, this is perfect. When you go on a trip, there is still enough room for pets so you can take them along with you.

2. Integrated with Modern Components. Its embedded 6 speakers are sufficient to rev up your music experience. You can even have the choice to listen to AM/FM radio, use the CD player, connect your smartphone through USB inputs, or Bluetooth for the best audio streaming experience. The coloured touchscreen allows you to command cabin functions efficiently.

Other functions that come in the 2017 Kia Carnival Brisbane dealers have for sale are:

  • automatic transmission
  • space-saver spare wheel and tyre
  • roof rails for extra luggage
  • six airbags
  • cruise control
  • reversing camera
  • rear parking sensors
  • automatic headlights that turn on when it gets dark
  • electronic stability control (this is now mandatory for new vehicles)
  • seven years unlimited distance warranty
  • speed-sensing door locks
  • seatbelt reminders (only to the front and outer second-row seats)
  • 5-star rating by the ANCAP (Australian New Car Assessment Program)
3. Comfortable Driving. You will instantly appreciate the wide driver’s door and broad cushions when you open the 2017 Kia Carnival. Once you are inside, it has lots of glass making it feel airy and roomy. The driving position is even widely adjustable. It has big instrument dials, large switchgear and numerous storage space compartments make it an ideal car for road trips and family trips.

4. Functional. You can have the option to choose whether you like the diesel version or stick to the petrol. Both offer 6-speed automatics along with four trim levels for each engine. All in all, there are eight variants to select from.

To sum it up, the all-new Kia Carnival is full of surprises for a vehicle that looks unassuming and so simple. It is also efficient and cheaper to run considering its enormous size. If you want more value for your money, select the Platinum one as it has more features, such as heated seats, surround camera system, luxurious looking interiors, forward collision warning, blind spot, rear cross traffic alert, and lane drift warning to ensure you and your family’s safety while when driving.